Blue Box Grinder Waste Transfer Station

The Blue BOX series consists of rotary moulded polyethylene tanks of 90, 150, 250 fitted to take one pump and 400 litres for two pumps.

Prefabricated lifting stations are an effective, economical solution for collecting domestic waste-water and transferring it to an Alltoilets (WA) Waste Holding Tank even if the tank is at a higher level than the transfer station unit, or where there are barriers to gravity run-off, or where the wastewater requires grinding.

Their construction characteristics make the Blue BOX systems extremely versatile and easy to install.

Recommended Pumps


  • 90 and 150 litres version for one pump directly installed
  • 250 litre version for one pump and 400 litre version for two pumps with coupling device directly installed
  • Walk over cover
  • O-ring seal between tank and cover
  • Simplified inlet, outlet and air venting pipe connections with seal
  • Integral lifting handles
  • Fitted for emergency emptying using a tap
  • Patented airtight cable gland allowing easy pump removal for any maintenance work
  • The side fins, in the middle tank, guarantee an excellent grip if the unit is installed in-floor (refer to relevant manual)
  • Able to transfer waste to tanks positioned higher than transfer unit


Please contact AllToilets (WA) for your specific requirements.

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