Alltoilets (WA) Treatment Products and Deodorisers.

Alltoilets (WA) has a range of Treatment Products and Deodorisers ranging from Deo Disc to Portable Toilet Treatment. They are specifically designed to be tough but with the Australian Environment in mind.
Johnny's Choice

Johnny's Choice Portable Toilet Treatment Products

Johnny’s Choice Toss-Ins are premeasured, water-soluble portion pouches that effectively control unpleasant odors, hide toilet waste, and aid in waste pumping in portable toilets, all while providing appealing scents.
Deo Discs®

Deo Discs Portable Toilet Treatment Product

Deo Discs® continually freshen the air inside your portable toilets with a disc that hangs on the wall.

Odor Seal

Odor Seal

Eco-friendly odor eliminator/cleaner/degreaser

Odor Seal/OS/JG-200 is an environmentally friendly odor eliminator that gets rid of the toughest odors quickly, safely, and effectively without the use of masking agents or perfumes.


Jalbi Australia is an innovative Aboriginal label that provides a range of soap, sanitiser, and cleaning products crafted from distinctively Australian native botanicals. Their products harness the healing properties of certain Australian ingredients, inspired by our Aboriginal heritage and familiarity with traditional natural remedies.

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