Alltoilets (WA) Spare Parts List
– Built Tough for Australian Conditions

Not sure which Alltoilets (WA) Spare Part you need. Look at the list and photos below. If you are still not sure, hover the mouse over the photo to enlarge it, call your experienced Alltoilets (WA) team member who then will be able to walk you through the parts needed to meet your requirements.

Alltoilets (WA) Chimp Pump Assembly

Marine Pump used in some older model Portable Toilets.

Parts pictured from Left to Right / Top to Bottom:
  • 1. Chimp Pump Complete
  • 2. Diaphragm Plates (2 per pump)
  • 3. Outlet Valve Retainer
  • 4. Outlet Valve
  • 5. Diaphragm Stud
  • 6. Diaphragm
  • 7. Diaphragm Nut
  • 8. Handle and Pins
  • 9. Inlet Valve Retainer
  • 10. Inlet Valve

Download the Alltoilets (WA) Chimp Pump Assembly Parts Diagram.

Henderson Chimp Pump
Henderson Chimp Pump

Alltoilets (WA) Compac 50 Assembly

Quality Marine Pump used on the Alltoilets (WA) Merlin Executive, Merlin Ultra and 4300P Portable Toilets.

See diagram for parts list.

Download the Alltoilets (WA) Compac 50 Assembly Parts Diagram.

Henderson Compac 50

Alltoilets (WA) Merlin Executive and Merlin Ultra Spares

  • 1. Black Freshwater Filler
  • 2. Door Latch and Slide
  • 3. Freshwater Tap
  • 4. Freshwater Tap Holder
  • 5. Plastic Hinge (4 pack)
Merlin Spares

Alltoilets (WA) Rear Evacuation Point and Sewer Hose

These products are used to assist with emptying unit:
  • 1. Bayonet Ring
  • 2. Gasket
  • 3. Ezy Valve
  • 4. Bolts and Screws
  • 5. Hose Adapter
  • 6. 3 mtr Sewer Hose
Rear Evac Valve Spares

Alltoilets (WA) Freshwater Tank Spare

These products are used to assist with emptying unit:
  • 1. 150mm Inspection Port for Metal Body 4300P and SB59
  • 2. Drain Plug
  • 3. Hand Sink Pump
Freshwater Spares