Alltoilets (WA) for Water Pumps, Grey Water Pumps, Waste Water Pumps and Waste Transfer Stations

Alltoilets (WA) sell pumps to suit all occasions. From the heavy duty BlueBox Grinder Waste Transfer Station with recommended DGBlue Vortex Impellor or GR Grinder Impellors to the DAB-JETCOM62MPCX-4M Poly Pump supplied as an option to our Waste Storage Tanks.

Alltoilets (WA) also stock DAB NOVABOX, an automatic station for collecting and lifting grey water from bath tubs, wash basins, showers and washing machines below the level of the sewage network.

If we don't have it listed, call or email us to discuss your Grey or Waste Water requirements and we will outsource if for you.

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Blue Box Grinder Waste Transfer Station

Blue Box Grinder Options available:

DAB Novabox for Grey Water Collection

Blue BOX Grinder Waste Transfer Station DAB